InterCon is a leading German based International Consulting Group who are focused mainly on the Energy, Metallurgical and PetroChemical and Manufacturing industry sectors and engaged in advising and supporting its client base in developing and realizing, large scale industrial and infrastructure projects with Governments, State Institutes, Leading Industrial and Utility Groups and Private Sector Companies globally. InterCon´s primary experience and capability is in the development, structuring and full EPC (Engineer, Procure, Construct) realization of major industrial plant projects with international stakeholders and investors, in mergers and strategic acquisitions, in business analysis, strategic planning and in the multi-national sourcing of project financing and investor funding.

InterCon provides its client base with experience and expertise, accumulated over many years in managing, developing, contracting and implementing major capital plant projects on an international basis. The company´s core activities in the Energy sector (Thermal and Renewable), the Metallurgical sector (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous) in Manufacturing and in the downstream Petrochemical sector are primarily related to structuring and managing complex project/stakeholder consortiums and multi-faceted business transactions globally. The companies vast international experience and global network provides it with the ability to represent and support its client base with the development of robust business strategies, market and feasibility studies, business case and risk analysis and in structuring, contracting, funding and financing business ventures and plant related projects globally.


InterCon CTS GmbH & Co. KG

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